Payment Options

We will do our best to provide you with the best possible information about your insurance coverage. However, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to clarify any insurance issues prior to making any appointments. We are in network with most PPO insurance companies. However, there are many forms of insurance, and at times, some Physical Therapy may not be covered. You should ask your insurance company:

  1. Whether we are in-network or out-of network?
  2. What are your deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance responsibilities?
  3. How many visits (or what is the dollar amount) are you covered for?

Knowing how much you will be responsible for will help you plan your therapy appropriately.

Medicare: We are Medicare part B preferred providers. Medicare covers your first 80% of the usual and customary charges. You do not need to call Medicare to find out your benefits. However, we recommend that you call your secondary insurance to find out how they will cover the remaining 20%. Medicare will not pay for your outpatient Physical Therapy if you are receiving ANY FORM OF HOME HEALTHCARE whether it is related to your Physical Therapy condition or not. If you are concerned about whether you are covered by Medicare, please contact them.

We also offer a cash payment plan designed for people with financial hardship, lost job, HMO’s, no insurance or high deductible plans.