Annual PT Exam

You Were Made to Live Pain Free

Do you and your family have your own PT? If not….why not?

Is there something that you are unable to do because of pain, weakness, or limited mobility? Are you afraid to continue this activity because you are fearful you will make things worse? Have you ever noticed how some people seem to skate through life seamlessly, while other struggle and suffer continuously? Are you going to give up and quit that activity that you love, or do you want to control your destiny and your own aging process?

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Why not have a movement expert help?

Excel Physical Therapy Employs only the best movement experts in the industry. The annual PT exam is screening exam designed to give you a mechanical reason for what you are experiencing. The exam include 30 min. of one-on-one time with your own PT. We can advise you on just how to take control of your problem, reduce your pain, and restore your function. Age gracefully, without pain. Take control of your health today.

Schedule Here for $27.00...a $89 Value

New Clients Can Take Advantage of this Special.

You were made to live pain free. Schedule your discovery exam below and speak to an expert who can help.

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