About Us

Our Promise to Patients

More Convenience to You
We take most all insurance plans (as long as they will work with us), and any type of patient. Whether you want Pool Therapy, Balance classes, or all hands on care etc...we will deliver the care you need.

Same Day Appointments
You can make urgent requests to us and we'll make it happen. Our unique system allows for urgent cases to be seen same-day.

We'll Take Time Just For You
We promise to give you the time you need to solve your problems. Persistence matters. While most problems can't be solved instantaneously, we promise to take the time needed to take care of you.

We'll Be in Close Contact With Your Doctor
Progress summaries and calls with your physician are always a part of our service.

We'll Support You
You will be given the answers you need to overcome obstacles.

Consider it Done
With our Creative Service Care, no request is too big, and nothing is impossible. Whatever the request, we'll get it done.

We Welcome Criticism
At all times and view them as opportunities to improve.

We'll Pursue Higher Learning
And the most advanced forms of treatment.

We feel truly lucky to be in a profession where we are able to give and help the community. We love coming to work every day because we get to be a part of your success. We will work hard for you, and we practice what we preach by taking care of our own bodies. Come in to see what it is like to truly live life pain free and healthy! And thank-you for trusting us with your Physical Therapy needs.

Maile Bay

Maile Bay, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Cheryl Hanks-Opsata

Cheryl Hanks, PT, MHSc, MTC, PMA-CPT, Owner

Kari Rufca

Kari Rufca, PT, DPT